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Amateur Extra Class

Licensed 1983

Hi! Name is Ric, QTH is St. George, Utah.

I'm an active participant on several ham-related Internet sites. Look for me either under this call, or some older sites may have me listed as W7WWB.

In St. George, we have a very active Emergency Communications network. Occasionally we hold a VHF simplex net on 146.520. The last net was held on May 11, 2008.

Here is a map of the check ins
(Red = Net Control, Green = Direct, Yellow = Relayed)

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I'm an active Field Day contester on the last weekend in June, you can usually find me on the HF bands operating with my friend Jim, WI7J. Jim and I have been doing Field Day on and off since 1985.

2010 marks my 25th Field Day, the last 20 years continuous.


Why did I choose this callsign? I've been asked that several times. From 1986-1989 I was program director and morning show host at KDLX-AM Radio 1450 KHz here in St. George, Utah. It was the best radio gig I ever had, the one I look back on with the most nostalgia, and when I saw this call was available, I had to grab on to it.

And I know that I still have a California license plate at the top of this page. I'm a California native, so the plate animation will remain as homage to my home state.

I thoroughly enjoy interacting with and hearing from other ham operators or those interested in this great hobby. You can e-mail me at k7dlxhamATgmailDOTcom, I'm sure you can translate that.


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